The Silver Plan includes one indicator :

  • Market Profile indicator.  


Silver Plan Package

The Gold Plan includes 15 indicators :

  • Market Profile indicator.

  • Balance Builder indicator

  • Order Flow Volume Profile indicator

  • DTOSC Dynamic Trader indicators

  • Profile Builder indicator

  • Profile Builder Plus indicator

  • Reference Synchronizer indicator

  • Structural Analyser indicator

  • Time Variable indicator

  • MP Color Bars indicator

  • Price Line indicator

  • Timer indicator

  • Roll And Holiday Watcher indicator

  • Custom Drawing Tools

  • Dynamic Trader drawing tools

It also includes the following free

public indicators :

  • Email Trades indicator

  • Opening Bell Alert indicator

  • Repeater indicator 

Also included in the Plan :

  • Weekly on Demand Q&A session

( starting September 2022 )

Gold Plan Package

VIP Plan Package

The VIP Plan includes everything from the Gold Plan

Package plus  :

  • Supply Demand indicators

  • Flow Analyser indicator

Also included in the Plan  :

  • On going indicators development

You  can switch from the Gold to the VIP Plan only during the first year and the amount paid will be applicable to the VIP Plan.

If you decide to stay with the Gold Plan you will be automatically switched to the VIP Plan at no cost after your total amount paid equals 5000.00 discounted at a minimum rate of 5% par annum.