• Pro Suite Gold 
    Market Profile Chart

    Pro Suite Gold includes the best Market Profile for Ninja Trader 8. Overnight profiles as well as day session profiles can be plotted side by side. All meaningful reference levels can be user defined and drawn automatically on the chart.   
  • Pro Suite Gold
     Time Variable Profile.

    The new Market Profile generation.
  • Pro Suite Gold
    Volume At Price Chart.

    Pro Suite Gold includes the Volume At Price chart display.
  • Pro Suite Gold 
    Balance indicator

    Pro Suite Gold includes a Balance indicator applied to daily weekly and monthly charts. Don't be caught using the strategy at wrong time.
  • Pro Suite Gold
    Flow Analyser Chart.

    Pro Suite Gold includes the Flow Analyser chart to better time your entry.
  • Pro Suite Gold
    Profile Builder Plus.

    Pro Suite Gold includes the Profile Builder Plus indicator.
  • Data Exchange between charts and time frames.

    Pro Suite Gold strength is based on data exchange between charts and time frames to facilitate multiple time frame analysis.  
  • Pro Suite Gold
    Continuous Education.

    Pro Suite Gold includes Google Classroom to keep on learning and build a community.

Pro Suite Gold - Our Most Popular and Best Seller

It includes fifteen ( 15 ) indicators :

  1. Market Profile
  2. Time Variable Profile
  3. References Synchronizer
  4. Balance Builder
  5. Structural Analyser ( Tails-Escess-Poor Extreme ... )
  6. Profile Builder
  7. Profile Builder Plus
  8. Flow Analyser
  9. MP Color Bars
  10. Price Line
  11. Timer
  12. Roll And Holiday Watcher
  13. Dynamic Trader Trading Tools
  14. 2 Custom Pro Suite Gold Drawing Tools
  15. Dynamic Trader Oscillators

    All these indicators allow Market Profile and the outside world to communicate together !

    Used on different time frames like daily weekly and monthly charts as well as short term minute charts the Pro Suite Gold workspace template allows traders to get an holistic view of the market based on Top Down approach analysis as taught by the legendary Jim Dalton.

    Pro Suite Gold includes Jim Dalton teaching features ready to be used as the market unfold - Poor High, poor low, tail, spike, overnight levels, anomalies, unrevisited prominent POCs and much more...

    When it's time to get prepared for the next day you can count on Pro Suite Gold to do all repetitive tasks of finding references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving your precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.

    Pro Suite Gold also includes a Market Profile Builder indicator that overlays Market TPO Profiles on the daily monthly and weekly bar charts. You can also overlay TPO Profiles on any other chart type. All chart types are  supported ( point and figure, range chart, etc ... ) 

    You can apply profiles on selected sessions by a simple mouse double click.

    Pro Suite Gold added recently the Flow Analyser indicator to help traders pick ideal trade location.

    Based on market swings, the Flow Analyser defines patterns in order to detect the direction of the very short term flow and good trade locations to go with your previous market analysis coming from the Pro Suite Gold indicators

    Finally Time Variable Profile is the latest addition to the suite. This is the new Market Profile generation. Adapted to today's  electronic markets and reflecting the transition to a supply market this indicator will bring you new light on Market understanding.   

    Pro Suite Gold Market Profile

    ​Pro Suite Gold
    ​Market Profile

    Pro Suite Gold Market Profile chart is the master piece of the whole Suite. One of the best Market Profile ever created for Ninja Trader platform.  

    Pro Suite Gold Market Profile is more than the classical Market Profile indicator available on the market today.

    Not only can you split and merge profiles but you can also display new profile types like Full-Split and Full-Split At Letter. 


    You can also display current Profile Volume at price as well as individual or all Overnight profiles on the same day sessions profile display. 

    All meaningful reference levels are automatically drawn for you.

    All Dalton teaching has been programmed  and added to the Market Profile chart like weak buy and sell levels, tails, poor extremes and much more ...

    Pro Suite Gold Time Variable Profile

    ​Pro Suite Gold
    ​Time Variable Profile

    Pro Suite Gold Time Variable Profile is the new Market Profile adapted for electronic markets.  

    Pro Suite Gold Time Variable Profile is the new way to look at market now that the exchange around the world are closing their floor and making the transition to electronic trading.


    This is the latest work from Peter Steidlmayer. Profile creation is now based on market volatility.

    This Pro Suite Gold indicator displays also a volume strip near the current time variable profile to monitor volume based on price control and price discovery.

    Pro Suite Gold Volume At Price

    Pro Suite Gold
    ​Volume At Price

    Pro Suite Gold Volume At Price display is showing each 30 minute bar as Volume Profile.

    Pro Suite Gold Volume At Price has been developed with volume traders in mind. Profiles as well as volume numbers are shown side by side.


    Volume colored numbers shows areas of high and low volume concentration.

    Cumulative day volume is also available and is being displayed at the start of each session.

    Pro Suite Gold Balance Indicator

    Pro Suite Gold
    ​Balance Indicator

    Pro Suite Gold Balance Indicator will find and display areas of Market Balance automatically.

    Pro Suite Gold Balance Indicator uses an algorithm that will detect automatically when the market is in balance trading mode.


    Useful mainly on inter day charts like Daily, Weekly or Monthly time frame. An essential indicator to find a crucial factor that shapes the daily Market Context


    Pro Suite Gold Flow Analyser Indicator

    Pro Suite Gold
    ​Flow Analyser

    Pro Suite Gold Flow Analyser monitors short term flows to better time trade entries.

    Pro Suite Gold Flow Analyser Indicator has been developed to improve the trade location. Applied to a very short term chart (1 minute) this indicator will find the major flow based on patterns of Market Swings. 


    Applied to a Heiken Ashi chart type - buying and selling exhaustion becomes a lot more evident. Furthermore the Flow Analyser produces its own balance and trend flows.

    Pro Suite Gold Profile Builder Plus Indicator

    Pro Suite Gold
    ​Profile Builder Plus

    Pro Suite Gold Profile Builder Plus turns out bar charts into profile charts.

    Pro Suite Gold Profile Builder Plus overlays "on demand" TPO profiles from any chart type.

    Profiles can be built from any time frame and can be merged in multiple ways.


    Continuous POCs can also be plotted for more in depth profile analysis..

    Pro Suite Gold Multiple Time Frame Analysis

    Pro Suite Gold strength relies among other things on multiple time frame analysis capabilities. 

    Data are exchanged between Market Profile chart - Flow Analyser chart - Daily/Weekly/Monthly charts and any other custom charts applied to the workspace. 

    The Reference Synchronizer indicator makes all this possible using your computer memory to store variables so that communication between charts can be possible.

    Pro Suite Gold Continuous Education

    Education the Key to success

    Pro Suite Gold Membership comes with Classroom which is a library of videos series on trading tactics and how to use the software efficiently with real market examples.

    Weekly market videos and live webinars and more...