CL trading day Sep 27 2017

27.09.17 08:51 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
The Anatomy of a bad trade... Today I would like to show you what a bad trade looks like. Right from the open the market went up and I suspected that it was caused by some overnight traders that got short in the overnight low area. Short term inventory was long and overnight inventory was ambiguous ...

CL trading day Sep 26 2017

26.09.17 05:26 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
Here was my contextual analysis of the market at the open.
  1. Yesterday's breakout of week and day balance.
  2. Yesterday's weak buying.
  3. Overnight inventory short but at a comfortable level.
  4. Short term inventory long. Traders that bought anything above 51.80 were not comfortable.
  5. We opened insi...

CL trading day Sept 12 2017

12.09.17 09:23 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
Rotational day ... Today was pretty quiet with a small range and a very prominent POC where all periods but one traded at this level. Volume was sluggish and weak hands dominated today's trading. In this context single and double is the preferred strategy to be used from the toolbox. Meaning smaller...