CL trading October 3 2017 PM

03.10.17 08:43 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
Market opened inside yesterday's range. CONTEXT
  1. Poor High from yesterday.
  2. Overnight inventory short.
  3. Re-enter weekly and monthly balances.
  4. Open inside yesterday's range.
  The initial level I was monitoring was yesterday's high and low. Short overnight inventory and yesterday's poor...

CL trading October 2 2017 PM

02.10.17 08:58 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
Gap down and balance breakout. . . That was the situation at the open this morning. Overnight inventory was fully short and short term longs from the previous balance were in an uncomfortable position. The first move was down with the gap and balance breakout but volume was light in A period warning...

CL trading day Sept 15 2017

15.09.17 08:40 PM By bernard - Comment(s)
Rotating day ... Please note that I have switched to the November contract this morning. As I mentioned in my blog yesterday the rally high at 50.58 ( November contract ) would be a key level to watch. Acceptance above it would keep the daily bull trend intact and we could have a shot at yesterday's...